Routimo features


Each company works in its own unique way. You might be delivering healthy meal kits or visiting your clients to handle maintenance works. You can set parameters for the whole tool and customize settings for each of your projects.


  • Optimization target

    Routimo allows you to specify the optimization target. You may choose the time option, if the priority is to complete as many tasks as possible, or the distance option, to minimize the number of kilometres travelled.

  • Task completion time

    You can define the time needed to complete various tasks. In Routimo you can decide whether to set the same average time for task completion or whether to assign a specific time to every task based on its complexity.

  • Vehicle types

    Sometimes, in order to complete a specific task, you need to use a specific type of vehicle, e.g. a refrigerated truck or some other specialized vehicle. In such case, Routimo allows you to specify which tasks require a specific type of vehicle.

  • Vehicle capacity

    You transport packages with a certain weight, but your vehicle has a specific carrying capacity. In Routimo you can plan for the vehicle’s carrying capacity and weight of packages. This means no risk of overloading the vehicle.

  • Starting point and destination

    Each route, even the longest, has its beginning and its end. Your driver starts the journey at home and ends it at the company? No problem! In Routimo you can set the starting point and the destination.

  • Priorities

    What if some of your tasks are more important than other or you want to impress certain clients? Don’t fret! Just use the option to assign priorities to your tasks. Priority locations are planned first to reduce the risk of their rejection.

  • Time windows

    Your clients cannot be reached at all hours of the day? Use the time windows option. Set client’s availability for your task, e.g. from Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

  • Schedules

    Do you visit your clients regularly? Do you meet them twice a week, every Tuesday, every 14 days, once a month? Thanks to Routimo you can set schedules for client visits and plan routes for a week, a month or even a year.

  • Regions

    Does your company have many branches which carry out tasks in their areas of operations? Use the Autoregions function which will automatically assign tasks to the relevant branch of your company. Decentralize planning, setting up routes for each region separately.

  • Data import/export

    Routimo allows you to import data on fleets and tasks directly form Excel files. With its useful column mapping option, data files do not have to be adjusted to any specific format. You can also export data to Excel files.

  • Driver’s mobile assistant

    With our mobile app your drivers always have access to their current work schedule. They can also report task completion on the go. Real-time data allow you to monitor the progress of your team’s tasks.

  • Navigation

    The driver’s mobile app offers much more than just access to work schedules. It can also be used to quickly turn on navigation to the next location. Benefits? No errors when entering the address and increased work efficiency of your drivers.

  • Reports

    You planned the routes and your drivers completed all tasks – now is a good time to look back on your operations. Thanks to Routimo’s report module you can easily check how many drivers are active, how many locations have been visited, how many are pending, how many kilometres there are in all planned routes, and so much more.


A merchandising agency with 100 vehicles, operating in Poland.

Planning procedure:

Data source:

Locations to plan:

Completion time:

Time windows:

Package size:

Driver’s starting point and destination:

Routimo plan:

Benefits after using Routimo:

Routes are planned per project. Planning is needed for tenders or operations.

Tender documentation with a list of locations in Excel format

10 000 per projekt

60 minutes per location



Home address


The ability to precisely estimate project costs for tendering purposes. Permanent monitoring of project progress and the option to react to changes – routes re-optimisation.


There are 3 ways to shorten the distance or journey time for your routes. Simply choose your priority when planning.

Change the sequence of visits

Changing the sequence of visits along your route can often shorten the distance even by 17%. This is the first important step to reduce the costs of your fleet.

Add new regions

You can achieve the best results in terms of increasing effectiveness by making a new regional schedule for your fleet. What we do is we upload all locations and we let the system plan a new work schedule.

Change the route parameters

Why not modify the start and end of work to plan for traffic? You can also change the optimization target (distance vs. time) or adjust any uneven workload among your vehicles.



A company specializing in medical waste disposal with 10 vehicles, operating in the Mazovia region.

Planning procedure:

Data source:

Locations to plan:

Completion time:

Time windows:

Package size:

Driver’s starting point and destination:

Routimo plan:

Benefits after using Routimo:

Routes are planned for a whole month on the basis of agreements with clients which specify collection schedules and opening hours of individual locations.

Client’s domain-specific system for medical waste management (API)

1 500 per month

Individually for each location, 10-60 minutes

Agreements with clients contain time ranges for task completion


Home address


Improved punctuality of services – 99% collections completed in compliance with terms and conditions of the agreement


Easy-to-use mobile app for Android and iOS. Send planned routes to your drivers. Monitor task completion.

Daily schedule

In the mobile app your driver has access to:

  • a list of planned locations (addresses) and the order in which they should be visited

  • a map showing the planned route

  • detailed information about every task – client’s contact number, package number, comment, time window, priority

  • general overview of the progress of all tasks

  • completed tasks and planned tasks


  • map – open a default navigation system in your phone with just one tap – you will get directions to the specified location

  • task completion – confirm that a task has been completed (or not)

  • comments – add a comment to any completed or uncompleted task

  • phone call – call your client quickly from the task panel

  • task cancellation – cancel a task from your daily schedule directly on your mobile – this might prove useful if your client cancels a visit

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