“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” – Dale Carnegie.

Efficiency is key to survival in the COVID-19 climate. Lockdowns, social distancing, and quarantine orders have limited the revenue-generating abilities of local businesses. If your company has survived through this challenging time, you understand the value of operational efficiency.

Well-planned routes are essential to succeeding in the delivery business. Whether you sell food, construction materials, or e-commerce products, you understand that on-time deliveries are key to customer satisfaction.

Catering/Food Delivery in COVID-19

Food delivery services have grown in popularity during the pandemic. It is a convenient solution for those who don’t prefer to cook (like students) or those that don’t have the time to cook (families). If your business has a regular delivery schedule, you want to keep your customers happy by being on-time every time!

How route planning can help

A carefully planned delivery route will shorten the delivery time by giving your driver more efficient routes. The ability to deliver on-time will directly impact your customer satisfaction. With Routimo’s route optimization algorithm, you can plan your routes for the whole week in minutes. Then, with the click of a button, send those routes to your drivers’ mobile phones.

Being on time is even more critical for companies that provide in-person services. Door-to-door sales, plumbing, electrical repairs, and construction are all businesses that rely on deadlines to offer excellent service.

At Routimo, we strive to bring operational efficiency to any business that delivers goods or provides in-person services. We are a route planning and optimization platform that helps plan your local routes in minutes.

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